How to Reach Your Marketing Goals with Strategy, Networking & Branding

How to Reach Your Marketing Goals with Strategy, Networking & Branding

“Why is strategy important in marketing? Why not, kind of like Nike said, just do it?” Swire Ho of Garuda Promo & Branding Solutions asks Counterintuity CEO Lee Wochner.

With a knowing smile, Lee quickly responds: “Well, Nike has had a multibillion-dollar strategy behind rolling out that phrase.”

The reasons for strategy are as abundant as the benefits of marketing, and Lee has years of experience helping organizations reach their goals with strategic brainstorming, branding, and positioning. Find out why he believes in purpose-driven marketing, working with nonprofits, and networking at the local Burbank Chamber of Commerce on this episode of The Small Business Show.

  • 05:16 | “Focus on opportunities. Focus on impact.”
    Don’t assume you can’t succeed because you’re lacking in funds. By nature, the human brain is wired to say “no” — but entrepreneurs know to resist that fear-driven instinct in order to pursue opportunity. Determine how you can make the resources you already have work to your advantage. Even a 1% improvement matters!
  • 09:43 | “Ask every possible question. It’s important to challenge assumptions.”
    Asking questions, thinking critically and challenging even your own assumptions is a crucial aspect of creating more options for productive solutions and effective strategies.
  • 15:13 | “Your brand is your overall identity. Your positioning is your identity with regard to a specific target demographic.”
    Branding and positioning are not the same thing — but they are inextricably linked. Branding is your look, your logo, who you are; positioning is how you present that to the audience you’re hoping to attract. You need to nail both if you’re going to grow your business.
  • 23:50 | “Work your network.”
    Networking can be a powerful tool whether it’s online via remarketing, in person via a chamber of commerce, or at backyard barbecue with a beer in hand. No matter how relaxed or formal the environment, fostering positive connections is only going to benefit your brand.
  • 26:00 | “Be a problem solver and an opportunity seizer.”
    How can you actuate a possibility? Assist your peers? Make a difference? These are the questions that will set you on the right track. And answering them? Well, that’ll set you up for success.

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