Helping Burbank Bounce Back from 2020 with #ChowDownBurbank

Helping Burbank Bounce Back from 2020 with #ChowDownBurbank

It’s no chef’s secret: Restaurants were hit hard by the pandemic.

Throughout the past year and a half, we’ve seen many of our favorite local spots struggling and wanted to help — all we needed was the perfect opportunity to flex our marketing prowess. As luck would have it, that opportunity came in the form of an awareness campaign backed by the Burbank Chamber of Commerce and the City of Burbank. It didn’t take long for us to cook up the details — and with that, Chow Down Burbank was born.

What is Chow Down Burbank?

Chow Down Burbank is a 90-day marketing campaign that encourages people to support Burbank restaurants by offering them a chance to win tantalizing treats when they submit photos of their food. It’s free for restaurants to participate and easy for customers to enter.

“We at Counterintuity hope that the campaign encourages people to sample new restaurants and new dining experiences because Burbank has just about every sort of menu to choose from,” Counterintuity CEO Lee Wochner tells in recent article How Burbank Restaurants are Healing from COVID-19.

Creating a Cross-Platform Campaign

The Chamber and City Council entrusted Counterintuity with marketing Chow Down Burbank, and we made it our job to get results. We knew the campaign needed to be fun, appealing and accessible; that meant engaging content, sweet prizes, and clear contest rules. And in only one month, our work has sparked more than a few successes:[dt_vc_list]

  • Dynamic website (complete with interactive contest page) attracted 3,287 visits
  • Lively Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts saw a collective 157,000% increase in impressions and 297,000% increase in engagements
  • Totally likable celebrity videos from the likes of Guy Fieri and Barry Weiss, which audiences viewed for a total of 2,500 minutes on Facebook alone
  • Irresistible prizes that inspired 220+ entries and counting

[/dt_vc_list]Sound like a lot? Not when you’ve got a pro team in the kitchen.

The Kind of Contest Everyone Wins

“Everybody’s welcome to this party,” says Steve Mora, Chair of the Board for the Burbank Chamber of Commerce. The greatest thing about Chow Down Burbank isn’t the publicity or the prizes or the pizza pics (although those are pretty great) — it’s the feeling that we’re bringing Burbank back together again.

Sure, you could submit a photo and score Dodgers tickets or a Hilton hotel stay or a VIP tour of Warner Bros. Studios (seriously, you could) — but even if you don’t win, you enjoyed a tasty meal and did your part for the community. And trust us, that feels a lot like winning too.

Have questions? Need a restaurant recommendation? Reach out. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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