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#getcompliant ADA Accessibility

Right now, you could be at risk of losing thousands — no, tens of thousands — of dollars if your website is not ADA compliant.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires website owners to provide full and equal enjoyment of their services to individuals with disabilities by providing reasonable accommodations. For example, visually impaired individuals should be able to access your website using assistive technologies. (Here’s more on the ADA and how it applies to websites.)

If an individual with a disability visits your website and can’t use it because of an accessibility issue, they could file an ADA complaint against your organization. And if you lose the case, you’ll have to pay a huge fine. Again, that’s tens of thousands for each violation!

Bottom line, providing reasonable accommodation is the right thing to do. On top of that, adhering to ADA compliance requirements also protects your organization from fines and unscrupulous lawyers who have made careers out of looking for non-compliant sites. (Organizations based in California and New York seem to be especially targeted.)

The good news is there are solutions.

If you need assistance getting compliant, get in touch.

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