5 instant benefits of switching to WordPress

Is your website hard to update, clunky, and static? It’s time to make the switch to a Content Management System and reap all the associated benefits. Here’s why we recommend WordPress to most of our clients:

1. SEO Friendliness
Search engines favor WordPress sites. This means that with WordPress, your site is inherently Search Engine Optimization-friendly — making it easier for prospective customers to find you.

2. Control
Update your website yourself, or give permission to multiple users in real time with full control. Make the changes you want, when you want, with no coding knowledge necessary!

3. Scalability
With all of the plugins, themes and features that WordPress offers, it’s simple to update the look, functionality and size of your website according to your needs.

4. Access Anywhere
Since WordPress is web-based, you can update from anywhere! Edit your website from any computer, smartphone or tablet.

5. Blog inclusion
Forget having to install a blog manually or manage one externally from your website—with WordPress, you already have a blog built-in. Simplify your life and blog in the same place you update the rest of your site.

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