6 Ways you can use Vine to market your business

What’s Vine? Vine is the latest social video mobile app, developed by Twitter and launched in January, that enables its users to create and post very short video clips. There are tons of social video apps, so why does Vine stand out? Much like Twitter, Vine struck gold because of its uber simple concept.

You shoot six-second videos that loop directly from your smartphone, post them with a caption (hashtags included, of course!) and share from mobile—done. Now some tips on how to use this shiny new app for your business.

1. Create an ad
Take advantage of Vine’s low-cost functionality and produce a couple mini-advertisements. Showcase a product, share your URL, go nuts. Check out a sample Vine here.

2. Give a tour
Offer up a behind-the-scenes look of your office space. Check out a sample Vine here.

3. Introduce your staff
Put a face to the name behind all those emails. Silly music optional.

4. Include a call to action
WWhether you’re promoting an online-only offer or asking a question—don’t forget the CTA.

5. Host a contest
Why not host a contest via Vine? Use a Vine to announce the contest, ask for Vine entries and track participation by using a custom hashtag, i.e. #CiChallenge

6. Get creative
Last but not least, have some fun with it. Browse Vine and get a feel for how other users are making the most of those six seconds. The more creative, the better! Check out
a sample Vine here.

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