5 Ways PR can help your business grow


A public relations campaign can help shine a spotlight on your business in a way that helps potential customers see you in a new light. Here are 5 ways you can use PR to help your business grow.

1. Market to the masses while saving some cash
Paid spots for print or broadcast can be effective but expensive—but PR can be a budget-friendly way of reaching the same audience in the same places.

2. Take advantage of media relationships
Great relationships make for PR success—ones that your firm has developed with different media outlets, including print publications and broadcast media. The more ins you have with reporters and journalists, the more likely you’ll be able to get your story heard and covered.

3. Develop a stronger image
Public relations can help position your business as a leader or expert in your industry: It can spread the perception that your business is active and succeeding; create a clear understanding of what your products and services are; and build community support.

4. Create credibility
PR coverage, which is endorsed by a third party, builds both recognition and credibility. For example: A TV news segment presented by a reporter or an article written by a journalist about your business sends the message that you were worthy of such coverage.

5. Get your side of the story out 
Let’s be honest—at some point, news coverage about your business may be confusing or, in worse cases, threatening. If you don’t want the last impression people are left with being the one you didn’t want, you’ll need to respond with a PR effort that provides them with facts, answers and solutions.


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