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Caring for Customers in 2016

Some say the customer is always right. We say the customer is always important – and if 2016 is going to show us anything, it’ll be a shift toward an even more customer-centric marketing world. Here’s how…

  • Apps. We’re all aware that there’s an app for pretty much everything – there’s even an app for tracking your apps – and the great thing is, many of them are free. As a marketer, be sure to take advantage of apps that can help you manage your business and improve your customer’s experience.
  • Social media. A quick peek at your customers’ social media activity can provide great insight into what will hold their interest. From their location to their job title, a great deal of useful information is often available even on a public profile.
  • Interaction. Today’s consumers are used to a high level of personalization, and one might argue that privacy concerns have them hoping for less, not more – but that doesn’t mean they want boring, static content, either. 2016 will see many marketers venturing into games, calculators and other interactive content to increase engagement.

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Image by Dariusz Sankowski is licensed under CC0 Public Domain.

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