Click-through breakthrough

When I left you last decade, I was talking about the purpose of an email blast

An email blast’s purpose is NOT to sell. Counterintuitive, I know. Email attention span is too short. The goal of an email is to get the reader to click-through to your website.

Emails need to be as quick paced as today’s world. It would be fabulous if the reader wanted to act from just the email but that’s too much pressure on a poor, little, albeit well-designed email. The average email reader spends a second or two before clicking or hitting delete.

Your email blast needs to be the aroma of the tasty treat that awaits on your website. The click-through should go to a dedicated page on your website (called a landing page) where the reader can learn, read, sign up, listen, watch, play, buy.

How do you get the click-through? Keeping with the metaphor – you need to whet their appetite. Share enough to intrigue, make them want to bite (too far yet?). Your email should contain photos or images – something to grab the viewer’s attention.

Most importantly, you need a punchy call to action to get the click.

might work.

will probably work better.

Anyone can send out an email. The majority get deleted. Your email blast must engage and excite to stand out in an overcrowded inbox. Take the time to develop a dynamic message and call to action. Your effort will pay off.

Extra tip: Have your call to action multiple times. Avoid the temptation to only have it at the end of the email. Also, have the call as text links and image links, this overcomes the hurdle of images being turned off in an email client.

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