How to use Social Media during a rain storm

It’s raining in Southern California! Really raining. Overheard, “10 inches in 5 days!” I just signed up to be on the e-mail list of the City of Sierra Madre the other day. Generally, Sierra Madre doesn’t have much news going on, so I didn’t think I’d receive anything of notice or much interest– or if I did, it would be infrequent at most.

This morning I received 2 e-mails. One alerting me that the Farmer’s Market would be closed. And the second alerting me that the Upper and Lower Sierra Madre Canyons would be evacuated. I’m not sure if that pertains to us, so I checked the link to the blog. Yes, the City of Sierra Madre has a blog!

More and more cities (remember La Canada, their use of Facebook, and the fires?) are using social media as a way of reaching the community. In our Social Media Seminar, Lee talks about how the “Big Campfires” are disappearing and new/smaller ones are appearing. This is a prime example– If I hadn’t signed up for the e-mail list, then I wouldn’t have found the blog or the evacuation plan.

(My other idea for this post was to tell you Social Media-ists about, an informational website with lots of articles concerning Social Media and everything surrounding it. Enjoy!)

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