Where’s Digital Storytelling Headed in 2015?

Digital storytelling is how you (a brand or business) tell your story in hopes of connecting with your customers, attracting new ones, or promoting your products or services.

Industry professionals noted and followed many trends that stood out in 2014 and here’s what we discovered:

  • Mobile IS the future – For the first time ever, marketers optimized for mobile-first campaigns. This means that strategies were developed specifically for the mobile user. According to searchenginewatch.com, 2014 saw the first historic and much anticipated turnover as the # of mobile users accessing the web exceeded those of PC and computer users. This changes everything.

    Mobile traffic is also mostly real-time social traffic therefore marketers must re-think how to deliver news and accurate information in a speedy manner.

  • Pay to promote on Facebook – Since FB changed its algorithms to nearly disable organic promotion, enlisting a paid advertising campaign to reach your followers has become a must-do. It may cost a few pennies, but the engagement spikes, general brand awareness, and unique targeting capabilities make it worth its price.
  • Lights, camera, action – From 6-sec. micro-videos 5-min.+ stories, internet users are engaged in all types of videos and 2014 saw that trend grow. With over 1 billion unique visitors to its site, YouTube remains a digital mecca that’s connecting social media with brands and businesses to sell, sell, sell, so get rolling!
  • Insta-sign up for Instagram – With mobile users at an all time high and stunning visual content to promote yourself a necessity, Instagram presents the perfect combination of the two and establishes itself as another must-have for your business.

So what does this all mean for 2015? It’s simple… Digital storytelling cannot exist without technology which acts as the bridge between you (the creator) and your audience (the consumer). Follow these trends–or enlist the help of a cutting edge marketing team to help you with it–and learn how to optimize strategies that best fit your needs!

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