Do gurus get more followers?

I just got off of an outstanding Webinar with Dan Zarella, the ultimate social media guru.

There were several startling takeaways, this one being the oddest: People who use the term “guru” to describe themselves in their Twitter bios have more followers than people who don’t.  100 more followers on average, to be exact.

So instead of “Social Media Director,” I am now a “Social Media Guru” on Twitter.  I feel like a complete tool, because despite the fact I do know a lot about social media, calling myself a guru is such, um, douchebaggery. However, my enquiring mind needs to know: will it work?

Of course, Dan reminded us that content is still king.  Overlord, actually.  People need to share social content and links if they want to be seen as an authority on a topic and build reputation.

So off I go to tweet interesting social media and mommy content with links, which I learned today is statistically more important than engaging in conversation if the goal is to increase reach.  Please find me at @counterintuity and @lisapbs on Twitter.  I’ll let you know in a few weeks if I’m the guru I actually say I am.

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