Good websites can’t be rushed

Search Google for website design, and you’ll see claims such as “We Design Fast Websites” and “We’ll Build Your New Website in Less Than 20 Minutes!”

When it comes to making websites, it’s true that faster is better.  Yet that only refers to the performance of your site, or the speed and efficiency at which your website responds.

A good website firm will not promise to create a high-quality site in a week, or with larger sites, even in a month.  Creating a custom website requires planning, research, programming, expertise and quality assurance that simply can’t be completed in 20 minutes.

We have dozens of customers who came to us after finding out the hard way that the fast way just doesn’t work, and can also be very costly.  Broken code, link errors, unintelligible copywriting and a complete disregard for simple SEO and keyword best practices are the bane of our existence—and frankly, a consistent source of income.

Just like a slow-cooked oven roast is well worth the wait, so is a high-caliber website. Savor the process a superior design firm offers, from planning and architecture of the site, through copywriting, design and coding, to editing and quality assurance.  You want a web firm that takes the time to validate every feature and assures a value-added experience for your customers or clients.

In the end, you’ll end up with a gourmet web product, rather than take-out type turmoil.  Your website won’t mind waiting.

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