How I was suspended by the Google+ police

As a Director of Social Media and Communications, I am having a really hard time with Google+.

Unbeknownst to me, for several days, I was suspended from Google+ for having an unauthentic name.  Yep. Lisa Singelyn.  The name I took 20 years ago when I married my husband, and have used everyday since then without issue (except that no one can ever spell it, but I digress).

I now join the ranks of banned Google+ers like Facebook’s Blake Ross and the other William Shatner.  And I’ve joined a directory called Suspended Google Accounts.

I wanted to rebel, but since I make my living in social media, I had to accept defeat and beg for mercy from the cool kids.  As directed, I sent Google+ a copy of my driver’s license and a link to a website that would confirm my authenticity as, um, Lisa Singelyn.  I had to get a good dig in, so I sent them a link to my Facebook profile.

After a few hours, I received this letter:

“Hi Lisa,

Thank you for contacting us with regard to the name you want to use with your Google Profile. After further review, we have determined that your name is within our Community Standards policy. Thank you for your patience while we reviewed your profile name.”

The kicker?  It was signed:

The Google Profiles Support Team

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