Don’t break your brand

While driving home from work the other night, as usual, I was listening to All Things Considered on KCRW. On a station break, I heard one of Sarah Spitz’ regular underwriting messages. You know, you’ve heard them a million times. But this one was different:

“…Watch Glee tonight at 9pm right after So You Think You Can Dance.”


Was that just a commercial for a Fox TV show?


Underwriting and talking about your sponsors for 15 seconds is one thing but a flat out commercial on KCRW was disheartening. I know times are tough and any sponsorship is needed but did it have to be so blatant?

I have no problem with Fox being an underwriter and I assure you this isn’t about me being an anti-tv snob. I love TV. It was the tenor of the message, it didn’t match the KCRW brand.

There were a million ways they could have talked about Glee on Fox. But they chose to serve their sponsor and not themselves.

Are you unknowingly breaking your brand and disappointing your readers, viewers, customers, subscribers, listeners, clients?

It’s not easy to protect your brand but it is vitally important to your company’s growth and name. Vigilance is key.

KCRW certainly didn’t lose me as a listener (or member) but this definitely struck a sour chord.

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