Go unstuck yourself

Counterintuity CEO Lee Wochner appeared on the latest episode of the Smart Branding podcast. If you’re looking for ways to communicate more effectively with your constituents, it’s definitely worth a listen.

Lee discussed ways Counterintuity helps nonprofits and public agencies “get unstuck” by trying new things, focusing on key messages, and revealing hidden truths.

If you don’t have time to listen to the podcast, here’s a cheat sheet:

Expertise is important, but so is trying new things.
“Anybody can get a little stuck in their own world, right? We apply strategies to help clients think about things in fresh new ways. It helps them get at the core of their challenges. This process is a little counterintuitive. You have to change things up because you’ll never do anything new unless you think counterintuitively and challenge your own experiences and your own wisdom.”

Most people want to communicate everything right away. They will vomit out a thousand words about something and want it all in one communication. That’s a mistake.
“How do we get [your constituents] involved? What’s the main thing you need to communicate? When you focus on immediate takeaways, focus takes you far. And we say it over and over, focus, let me help you focus. … Make issues immediately understandable for them and they’ll respond.”

Marketing is about revealing the truth that’s already there.
“It helps people who need resources find where they can go and what’s available to them. We did a campaign for the city of Santa Monica some years ago. The city was partnering with nonprofit organizations that provide services to residents, but the services were underused because people didn’t know about them. So, we set up a campaign … that got all sorts of attention. The campaign got newspaper and television coverage. Everybody was really happy and there it was — just the truth of what was already there.”Ready to try something new? Let us know how we can help.

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