How to get seen better on Facebook (part 2)

How to get seen better on Facebook

How to get seen better on Facebook
Part Two of a Two-Part series

Edgerank is the algorithm Facebook uses to determine the importance or popularity of your Page’s posts in the newsfeed. Facebook is an ever-changing landscape of social innovation and features and yet, some things never change. Here are some tips sourced from our own experience, recent findings and even Facebook itself on how to improve the popularity of your posts.

1. Stay on topic (But not too much)
Posts related to, but not directly about, your brand perform best. Make sure not to constantly broadcast links back to your website, blog and products. It’s all about keeping a healthy mix of relevant interest.

2. Be efficient 
Want to share a URL? Once you paste a link to post on your Facebook Page, a link preview will generate. Be sure to delete the text URL in the post, since the link preview makes it superfluous.

3. Schedule your weekend
Too busy to keep your Facebook Page active on the weekends? Try scheduling a few weekend posts. While posts using third-party applications generally perform worse than organically posted items, something is better than nothing.

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