I always feel like somebody’s watching me 👀

Illustration with a lock on a smartphone with eyes all around

It’s the middle of the night and you can’t sleep. You get up to clear your mind, but you think you hear something on the other side of the dark hallway.

What’s that? A creak?

Is it just the house settling? Is something…watching you?

We’ve all had that feeling before — the one when we think we’re alone in our house or office but then we see something move in the dark hallway or hear an eerie sound. But in this tale, that sinister feeling of being watched actually comes true.

And that’s exactly how people feel when they use a website that asks for personal data. If you don’t do it right, your website visitors might feel like they’re being watched by someone who has an ulterior motive for collecting their personal data.

Here’s the secret:

When you’re collecting and using personal data, it’s important to be transparent about why you’re doing so, and how you’re using it. The more you can demonstrate that you’re safekeeping the data and putting it to good use, the easier it will be to build a trust-based relationship with your website visitors.

We’ve put together a few tips for you to ensure your organization is doing all it can to build trust and protect personal information:

👉 Use a gold standard approach to data protection. This means using the most stringent data protection policies in all areas of your digital strategy, whether it’s internal or external communications. This will help ensure that your organization is doing all it can to protect personal information.

👉 Make sure people can clearly opt in and opt out, and give them options for communications (e.g. SMS, email, phone).

👉 Check if any of your email lists need updating.

As always, reach out with any questions. We want to help.

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