What Would You Do with An Extra Five Hours Per Week?

Imagine you had five extra hours per week to run your organization (without having to burn the midnight oil), what would you do with that time? Our recommendation would be simple – spend that time enhancing and optimizing every aspect of your digital marketing.

These updates have the potential to immediately benefit your organization:

1) Google My Business

If you haven’t claimed, optimized, and posted regularly to your Google My Business page, you’re missing out on premium searches and critical first impression for your customers. In many instances, the GMB page for your company will show up more prominently than even the search result for your website.

2) Cross-linking Within Your Website
A cross-link is when a page of your website has a link to another page on your website imbedded into the body copy of each of your pages. This practice not only help visitors navigate your site, it’s also a critical Search Engine Optimization tool that helps not only organic search but supports Google Ads campaigns.
Learn More About Cross-linking >>

3) ADA Optimization
Aside from the potential for lawsuits over violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act (which are on the rise, according to the Los Angeles Times [link to article]), ADA optimization is an important way to make sure that 100% of your visitors are able to engage with your site and ultimately contact you.
Has your site been optimized for ADA compliance? We can help you find out >>

4) Develop a Content Strategy
A content strategy is the easiest, most streamlined way to ensure that you have timely, relevant content infused to all of your marketing channels including your website, blog, social media, email, print pieces, and advertising. Your contents strategy should include a mix of company information, industry perspectives that demonstrate your knowledge in your space, and fun content that reflects your ideal customer and is related to what your company does. Need help developing this strategy?
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