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Social media has taken over the world. We can all agree that, sometimes, its ubiquity can border on obnoxious. Everything’s being recorded or photographed, your grandparents are on Facebook, and the term “selfie” is in the dictionary. But even if you’re not updating your Instagram every five minutes, you can still find a way to make social media work for your company. Here’s why exploring this method of marketing might benefit your business:

  • Brand awareness (for free). Social media is one of the few avenues through which you can influence a large audience without spending a cent. You can familiarize your fans with your name, logo, and mission all just by creating and maintaining a profile on Twitter.
  • Easy access. You can reach your audience instantly. That next brilliant idea or marketing tactic can be tested out immediately, and you’ll know nearly as quickly if it will garner the desired reaction.
  • Choice of audience. If you’re willing to pay for it, many social platforms make it easy to target your advertising, ensuring that you’ll reach the demographic you want to. On the flip side, you can be pretty sure that people who bother following your company want to see the content you post.
  • Freedom of content. Something like a Facebook profile gives you the opportunity to show your customers that your company isn’t all business all the time. You guys like YouTube videos of cats, too! So go ahead, share one on your Facebook wall every now and then and let your fans relate to you.

And remember: should you prefer to keep your personal distance from social media upkeep altogether, just pass it off to the pros. We’re here for you.

Image by Jason Howie is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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