How to make your visual marketing pay off

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Let’s safely assume that your business is on social media, but how effectively does your content capture your audience’s attention?

According to, “90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, which is processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.” WHOA! If your social content isn’t visual, you risk losing your following.

Here are a few creative ways you can add visual content to your social profiles to keep your fans excited and engaged:

1. Shareable and relatable photos
Don’t spend too much time hard selling your followers. Consumers can smell a desperate attempt for a sale and as soon as they do, they’ll jump ship. Instead, enrich your social media with visual content that’s relatable and still incorporates your business. A staff photo on a Friday afternoon or a Father’s Day graphic, for example, will do the job and may collect a few extra likes, too. See how we do it on our Facebook.

2. Infographics
Wishpond reports, “Businesses that market with infographics grow in traffic an average of 12% more than those who don’t.” If you have 1,000 fans on Facebook, that’s an additional 120 potential new customers, so grab some compelling stats and work with a grade-A designer to mock up some infographics. Here are some prime examples.

3. Shared links thumbnails
You’re most likely linking articles or other website pages to your social stream, but before posting, make sure the link’s thumbnail image is relevant to the post’s title and interesting.

The how-to: When you add a link into a Facebook post, a thumbnail image will auto populate. Using the arrows, you may have the option to choose between multiple. If none work, you can design and upload your own. Remember, Facebook’s specs for shared links thumbnails differ from Timeline pictures. Here’s the size guide.

…And there’s one more statistic we’d like to share with you: “Posts with visuals receive 94% more page visits and engagement than those without” (wishpond). So what are you waiting for?


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