The Power of Positioning: Your Special Sauce

Brand positioning begins with who you are and what you do better than anyone else in the world.

What is the special sauce that makes your product unique and beneficial?
How does your track record support your claims?

The Three Elements of Your Perfect Positioning


What is the bold claim you are willing to make? Nobody is a mind reader, which makes specificity, readability, and clarity important above all things when it comes to positioning. And that’s not just for humans, either — search engines need to be able to understand you to serve users the most relevant answers they are searching for.


Gillette sells shaving items, so everyone’s first thought regarding the problem they solve is: Gillette helps remove hair. Wrong. What people are really buying from Gillette isn’t simply a way to remove hair. It’s a better, more confident version of themselves, which is the positioning they show in all their advertising. Go a layer deeper to figure out the real emotional problem you are solving and portray THAT.


Copywriting is the vehicle that drives your positioning, and your copywriting should be that of authority and trust. Your company, and your company alone, should be your target audience’s only clear choice. There are many ways to portray this and support your claim through your copywriting, including consistency across your channels, persuasive word choice, testimonials, engaging social media posts, regular blogs, and more.

If you are still showing up low in SEO results, getting minimal social media engagement, and still seeing high bounce rates — it might be time to rethink your positioning and copywriting with a content strategy.

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