Thumbs Up for Thumbs Down

Thumbs down symbol

Mark Zuckerberg has officially confirmed that Facebook is working on the oft-requested “Dislike” button. This has inspired a great many discussions about what the new symbol might be, whether it should take the form of an emoji, whether it really will inspire more Internet bullying than there already is.

What do we think? We think it’s about time Facebook gave users something more to work with than a thumbs up, really. With the amount of users on Facebook (more than 1 billion) and the amount of posts per day (293,000 statuses updated every 60 seconds), users are bound to come across a thing or two that doesn’t elicit positive acknowledgement – and they should be free to express whatever their reaction may be.

What do you think? Let us know!

Image from Wikimedia Commons is licensed under Public Domain.

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