Unlocking LinkedIn’s Potential

Unlocking LinkedIn's Potential

LinkedIn Will Get You Leads

We’ve heard from too many folks for too long that “social media can’t help B2B businesses.” It’s simply not true. Whether you’re a manufacturer, an industrial supplier or providing a niche B2B service, we’ll show you how social – especially LinkedIn – can be an asset to your sales efforts

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How LinkedIn Helps You Sell

When it comes to prospecting, there are a number of ways LinkedIn can support your sales efforts. Here are three of our favorite LinkedIn tips and tricks:

1. The Saved Searches Feature Automatically Send You Leads

The great thing about LinkedIn is that you can get highly specific in what you’re searching for and, ultimately, what you’re connected to. Do you only work with companies in certain locations of a certain size with certain niche capabilities? You can find those prospects on the site by completing just a few search fields. In an instant, you can identify west coast companies that have been in business for at least five years with at least 20 employees, the C-Suite staff of which are “Industrial Widget of Your Choice Association” members. Better still, you can save this search criteria using LinkedIn’s “Save Search” option and opt for LinkedIn to send you new leads that fit those metrics, straight to your inbox. Instant leads, zero cost (aside from a little bit of time).

2. LinkedIn Publisher Gives You Warm Leads

Posting content on LinkedIn will get you far, especially if you’re posting long-form content on LinkedIn Publisher. If you write a blog for your website, make sure you cross-post it on LinkedIn Publisher and watch the engagement roll in. LinkedIn shows you who has engaged with your post (with reactions, comments and shares) so you can see exactly who it’s reaching and make connections from there.

3. How You Engage Influences What You See

This tip applies to all social media platforms, but is especially important for LinkedIn. The articles, listings, and individuals that you engage with on LinkedIn influence what you see on your own timeline. As such, do your best to engage with potential prospects, groups containing potential prospects, and subject matter that your target audience is interested in. That way you will have regular access to relevant content on your timeline, allowing you to more easily build rapport with your target audience. In return, LinkedIn will place your content higher on your prospects algorithm, giving you an advantage against your competitors.

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