Unraveling the SEO Mystery


This sub headline has been optimized for SEO purposes – Hooray!

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is the practice (an art and science, really) of enhancing your content to the point that it increases the quality and quantity of traffic to your website on search engines.
Simple enough!

But how does one do this successfully?

There’s a bit of a game you have to play in order to maximize your SEO presence, and luckily for you, we’ve been in the winner’s circle for years and are happy to reveal our playbook.

How to play the SEO Game and Win:


Google has a complex algorithm that matches user searches with websites. Because 80% of web searches in the United States take place on Google, best practices dictate that you implement whatever Google suggests. As a Certified Google Agency, we are privy to insights about what the search engine wants to see from your website in order to send valuable traffic your way. Those steps include: having a fast load speed, cross linking, filling in all metadata, using ALT tags, and having easily readable URLs — and that’s just for starters.


Search engines are constantly crawling the Internet for new content and cross-checking old content for accuracy and value. Google’s mission is to give users the best answer to their question, and often times the newest answer is considered the best. A few ways to keep your website current include posting regularly on your blog and social media, keeping an active Google Ads campaign, and maintaining a news and events page.


Search engines caught onto keyword manipulation from the days of old, which is why relevancy is critical above all things. The golden rule of SEO content is to write for people first, and the search engine second. Google, Bing and others strive to give users the most relevant search results possible for what they are looking for, so make sure your content is specific, easy to read, consistent and that your focus keywords flow in a human way.

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