Blogging is dead and why you absolutely need to do it

Blogging is dead (and why you absolutely need to do it)

Blogging just celebrated its 25th birthday, which makes it ancient in Internet years. So, you might think of it like AOL, MySpace, or other dinosaurs of the early Internet age.

But you’d be wrong.

Sure, we’ve passed the heyday of the blog years when everyone just had to have a place to blather on about this and that (looking at you, podcasters), but there are still several great reasons why you must maintain a blog on your site.

Ranking higher on Google
Adding new and relevant content to your site is a great way to rank higher with search engines. The key to success here is twofold: consistency, publishing a constant flow of content (a minimum of two posts per month), and strategy, making sure your subject matter is part of an overall SEO strategy (and your content is SEO-optimized).

Solving your customers’ problems (and getting new customers in the process)
Santa isn’t the only one making naughty lists these days. Consumers love do-not-call lists and are quick to smash that unsubscribe button. Old advertising methods don’t work like they used to. Maintaining a blog with a lot of useful information is a great way to attract potential donors, constituents, and customers on their terms. The key here is paying attention to your prospects’ top-of-mind questions and concerns, so you know what they are looking for.

Spotlighting your brand as a subject matter authority
In about an hour, anyone can set up a free website that competes for the attention of your prospects. But what they can’t do easily is match the experience and knowledge you have in your field. Make sure your site visitors can see a long-documented history of content that is specific to your niche. A healthy blog that shows a depth of knowledge, that is feature-rich with video and other resources, is a great insurance policy that protects and enhances your brand.

Hello, is anyone there?
A word of caution: We’ve all seen dormant blogs where the last post is dated several years ago. Yeah. Don’t do that. It’s no secret that keeping a blog up to date can be a time-consuming endeavor. However, a minimally executed blog will reap considerable benefits for you and your organization.

If you need help. We’re here.

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