Why Content is King

“There are over 3.7 billion people online every day, however, 63% of businesses don’t have a documented content strategy, and 65% of businesses find it a challenge to produce engaging content.”

Content is, well, the content of your message. It’s the sum of text, and video, and images, that you put out that reflects who you are and what you do, to people who should care about that and want to work with you. Good content gets people engaged with your enterprise; having poor content — or little to no content! — makes it easier for people to drift away.

The answer to the online success of your organization lies in providing tasty, delicious CONTENT.

What is “content”? And why should we care?

Once you’re developing content so that people find out about you and engage with your organization, you might ask:  Where do I put it? Where does it go? With so many different channels to park your content  — social media, email marketing, advertising, and your website, among others — you’ve got to make sure that all your content is speaking in the same voice, working together, and achieving the same goal.

Think of it this way: When it comes to your overall marketing strategy and brand identity, your content is in the driver’s seat. It determines the direction of everything under your marketing umbrella. Your social media, SEO, advertising, website, and email marketing all work together to create your brand’s identity — and to hook people on YOU.

THAT is why Content Is King.

What is a content strategy?

  • Who you’re talking to.
    Who is your target audience, and what do they want to hear?
  • Where you should talk to them.
    Is your target audience on Facebook, Instagram or both? Are they using voice search? Where do they shop, read and communicate online?
  • What you’re saying.
    Are you witty, professional, funny, or a combo of all? What are the pain points you’re looking to soothe? How will you make their lives better?
  • How you are saying it.
    Is your target audience more visually driven, or do they read blogs? Do they like to talk to you directly, or watch videos?

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