#You #Shouldn’t #Overuse #Hashtags

It’s easy to see the effects hashtags have on social media and modern-day pop culture. In fact, hashtags can be found everywhere, including on t-shirts, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and, as of recently, your Facebook posts.

When it comes to using hashtags in your personal Facebook posts, you’re good to go — hashtag to your heart’s content. According to new research found on socialbakers.com, however, overusing hashtags can turn your fans and followers off and drop your posts’ precious interaction rates.

When you’re working hard to build a social reputation for your brand or company, you can’t afford to sacrifice interaction. See the chart below to see just how detrimental over-hashtagging can be.

Overusing Hashtags Metric

While 1-2 hashtags averaged at about 600 interactions per post for this sample/theoretical company, using 10+ hashtags dropped a post’s interaction by a whopping 68%!

Point of the story: hashtags are fun and trendy and you can use them, but do so sparingly, because #too #much #of #a #good #thing #can #kill… your interaction rates.

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