5 Substantial Services Any Good Marketing Agency Will Offer

At Counterintuity, we’re committed to many important things. What’s at the top of our list (second only to adorable office dogs)? Being the best marketing agency we can be, obviously. We make it our mission to provide the expertise, creativity and strategy necessary to take any company from average to awesome. And while this goal is crystal clear to us, we still hear this question a lot:

“What does a marketing agency actually do?”

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind Counterintuity’s doors, this one’s for you.

What Can a Marketing Agency Do for You?

There are many misconceptions about our industry – one of them being that we’ll aggressively sell anything to anyone. Could we sell chips to a potato? Probably, but that’s not our style. (Unless the potato, like, really wanted chips.) The marketing services we offer vary depending on each client’s specific needs and requests, but will generally include one or more of the following:


Advertising is how we get the word out about your company or product – and make sure it reaches the right people. Our advertising expertise spans from digital to print, and we’re just as comfortable running a Facebook Ads campaign as we are perfecting an ad for the local paper. Most importantly? We get results. Check out our case studies!


Need copy for your redesigned website? We’ve got you. Trying to update your blog more frequently? We’re on it. Creating content is one of our favorite parts of the marketing process, whether that means crafting email newsletters or social media posts. Which leads us to our next service…


Approximately 97% of consumers have used social media in the past month, and that means maintaining a social presence is a vital step for most organizations today. Going social is one of the simplest ways to connect with your ideal audience and increase brand awareness – both of which are main goals of marketing.


Even the greatest copy in the world needs great design to shine. According to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of people are visual learners, and visuals can improve learning by up to 400% – if that doesn’t explain the importance of a professional website and visual content, we don’t know what does. We pride ourselves on having two talented designers in-house, so all your design needs can be met quickly and competently.


This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned the importance of strategy, and it won’t be the last. Strategy is particularly important to us at Counterintuity, because we believe your organization deserves more than a to-do list – it deserves a vision. A great marketing agency will invest in the future of your organization by creating a long-term plan that ensures you’ll get the most out of all your marketing efforts.Still want to know more? Our doors are open Monday through Friday from 9 to 6.*

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