A Blog About Blogging

The following blog is about blogging (because what better place to blog about blogs than in a blog?) and, more specifically, why your company should engage in the activity as regularly as possible.

  • It makes you relatable. Sometimes a company website can seem like a cold, clinical thing. Think of a blog as a way to add a little pleasure to your business! A well-written blog can give your brand a voice, give your services substance and give your customer a reason to keep visiting.
  • It’s good for SEO. In case you missed our previous blog post, “SEO” stands for Search Engine Optimization – and a frequently updated blog can do wonders for your rankings.
  • It can be fun! Have a company event coming up? An interesting (and easy!) blog post can consist mainly of photos from a party (a fabulous example, if we may say so ourselves). Have a vocal, happy customer? Turn that week’s post into a thank-you note, applauding them for their patronage!

We hope that some of these tips can help you take the blah out of your company blog. And if not? We’ve got some talented writers on staff who would love to offer their services – just say the word!

Image by Sean MacEntee is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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