Agility in Marketing

Agility in Marketing

If you’ve been tuned into marketing news lately, you’ve probably heard mention of “agile” marketing.

The main purpose of agile marketing is to streamline the creative processes at an agency so that projects don’t drag on indefinitely (as they tend to do), and allow team members the flexibility to quickly readjust in light of directional changes. Breaking each individual project into sections (called “stories”) adds structure while freeing big companies from being bogged down by outdated procedure and protocol, and allows them to move more swiftly and efficiently.

Implementing the agile strategy has helped many marketing companies thus far, and we’re sure it will help a great many more as it grows in popularity. As for us? We’ve got a slight advantage already – we’re a small company, which makes it possible for our entire team to be on the same page pretty much all the time. Need something done right away? We’re on it. Want a last-minute design change? We’ll run it over to our in-house graphic designers.

We also treat your business like business. Yes, the creative process is important – but so is your time and money.

At Counterintuity, we know how to strike that balance. And we’re pretty light on our feet, too!

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