Let’s Be Honest: Forays into False Advertising

Let's Be Honest: Forays into False Advertising

Yesterday we came across an interesting article at TheGuardian.com: “How my negative review of Legend was spun into movie marketing gold.” The author describes how his two-star review of the recent Tom Hardy film was actually incorporated into a poster for the movie, in which designers craftily positioned his rating amongst other five-star reviews to make it appear positive. He then goes on to reference several other instances in which clever (and not-so-clever, and just plain dishonest) marketing ploys have made a product seem better than it is.

In the face of such blatant instances of marketer manipulation, we at Counterintuity had to stop and examine our company. Marketing is a business that often gets a bad rap. Many people see it as a venue through which already powerful companies and corporations vie for the biggest audience, the most acclaim, the highest ROI – no matter what the cost.

We asked ourselves – are we that guy? Could we ever deceive a consumer for the gain of our client or our company?

The answer is no. Why? Because of our clients. By choosing to work only with brands, companies and people we truly believe in, we spare ourselves from the ethically murky marketing waters and are free to do what we do best: making your awesome product seem awesome.

So here’s to all our clients – and here’s to you becoming one of them.

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