Getting Weird with Social Media

Getting Weird with Social Media

You must admit, the concept of social media is kind of weird. The selfies. The “Show My Location” feature. The ability to sort through the photographic evidence of another person’s existence from the comfort of your bedroom at 3 AM. But that’s not where the weirdness ends…and we guarantee that the following will make your ex-boyfriend incessantly poking you seem normal.

  • Finding an organ donor. Facebook is a wonderful place. It’s perfect for stalking old high school friends, securing invitations to the weekend’s best parties, and finding a fresh kidney. Wait…
  • Engaging in voyeurism. Network Effect, a sort of social experiment by artist Jonathan Harris, allows you to toggle between different actions (chew, argue, jump) and subsequently be bombarded with YouTube clips of people engaging in your chosen action. The intended effect is “total information overload,” and is meant to convey how much precious time we’re all wasting snooping around the lives of strangers.
  • Selling…. stuff. So you get on Tinder, hoping to find the conveniently located person of your dreams, and your first match is…a bag of weed. Apparently, “salespeople” have begun turning to such people-finding apps to push their product. Try introducing that to your mother.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever encountered on a social media platform?

Image is licensed under Creative Commons Zero.

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