April Fools’ Rules

April Fools' Rules

Honesty is the best policy…but April 1st provides us with a lighthearted break from that adage. For reasons we’re not totally clear on, the first of the fourth month of the year is a day for pranks – and as well as keeping us on our toes, this day of deception can teach us some valuable lessons worth applying to our work lives throughout the year.

  • Don’t fear fun.
    You don’t want to be the guy who can’t take a joke – you also don’t want to join the 68 percent of Americans who are unhappy at work. It is possible to take your job seriously and enjoy life all at the once. Maybe don’t spray champagne all over the office – but why not whistle while you work?
  • Learn from mistakes.
    Remember last April Fools’, when you concocted that ill-received story about hitting a dog with your car? That’s the end of that tale (no “dog has tail” pun intended). Same goes for bad calls in business. Making the same mistake twice is silliness you simply don’t have time for, not even on a silly day like today.
  • Check your facts.
    Before making assumptions, ensure your information is correct. It’s embarrassing to be the one person who falls for your 60-year-old aunt’s pregnancy announcement, and the stakes are only higher in a business setting. If you want your coworkers to respect you, don’t make statements you can’t support or promises you can’t keep.

And watch your backs today, friends – you never know when the next Taco Liberty Bell is coming your way!

Image by Sean MacEntee is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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