WhatsApp: Making Privacy a Priority

WhatsApp: Making Privacy a Priority

WhatsApp’s latest update will ensure that both texts and voice calls sent via the popular messenger app are fully encrypted. Meaning, WhatsApp employees can’t snoop into your private data (even if they want to) – and neither can the government. This has roused some controversy, but we’re in support of the change. Why?

  • It makes apps trustworthy again. If you were one of the people who read Snapchat’s now-infamous privacy update and promptly deleted your account, you’re not alone. We often download third-party apps assuming our privacy will be somewhat compromised. It’s refreshing to have evidence to the contrary.
  • It sets a positive precedent – as does Apple’s recent battle against the FBI. It’s comforting to know that big corporations will stick to their guns when faced with legal trouble and keep private information private. Hopefully, it will inspire smaller startups to do the same and make way for a more secure app-centric world. 
  • It establishes the user as a primary concern. WhatsApp provides a unique platform for communication. By encrypting all exchanges, WhatsApp guarantees its users’ messages and calls reach the intended audience – and that’s it. That’s what their app offers, and that’s what users signed up for.

Our bottom line? The customer comes first. If we set out to provide a service, we’ll do just that. We won’t take liberties with your time, information or intentions. So while you’re waiting for WhatsApp to update, make your marketing a priority – shoot us an email!

Image by Sam Azgor is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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