Effective Email Marketing

Some say email marketing is going out of style. Consumers are already inundated with online ads and marketing ploys in their day-to-day lives; who’s going to take the time to open yet another annoying marketing email?

Well, lots of people.

It all depends on your approach. A marketing email is only annoying if you let it be. Here’s what to focus on if you want to get the best response from your readers (and potential customers!):

  • Subject line. This might seem like a small detail, but it can make the difference between someone opening an email and sending it straight to Junk. Keep subjects short and fully stocked with powerful words.
  • Write to a person, not a mailing list. Your reader is a human being – treat them as such and remind them that you’re one, too. Make them feel like you’re writing to them as a friend, not a target or potential sale.
  • Reward. Offer your reader something for taking the time to be your reader. Whether it be sage advice or a simple pat on the back for staying awake at work, brighten their day. A little sunshine never hurt anyone.

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Image by Sean MacEntee is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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