Client Shout-Out: Brown & Goodkin Website

Client Shout-Out: Brown & Goodkin Website

Brown & Goodkin has provided 40 years of stellar legal service to federal employees – it’s only right their website reflects the integrity of their work. And we’re happy to report that after our redesign, it does!

While their cases aren’t always clear-cut, we made sure their website is. Federal civilian and postal service employees come to Brown & Goodkin for assistance with employment disputes and claims, and we made sure these federal employees able to find the information they need quickly and easily.

Client Shout-Out: Brown & Goodkin Website

Within minutes, they’ll know who’s working for them, what they do and – thanks to client testimonials – just how well they do it.

Client Shout-Out: Brown & Goodkin Website

Thanks for choosing us, Brown & Goodkin. We hope you love your new website!

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    • Rosalinda says:

      Omättliga kravmaskiner, inrKod!evinnedna ska se om de tar av slöjan så blir de inte lika utstirrade och behandlade just som en i mängden. Jag trodde de bar slöja för att inte stå ut, nu gör de det för att stå ut. Lite motsägande.Och självklart är det gubbar som gnäller och har sig. Kvinnorna får inte säga någonting. Med undantag för IML på FOMI förstås.

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